Games Day July 14th

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What’s this ‘GAMES DAY’?

To be honest, I don’t know yet…

The plan

The plan is this, on Sunday July 14th - we’re opening the basement from 12.30pm to about 5.30pm for you to bring games and play them. There’s a few sign up RPGs available that are being run by volunteers from the Questing Time community - but that’s as organised as we’re likely to get for the first go at this.

We’ve got tables, air-con and a basement with beer on tap and great food - you’re adding your favourite board-games to this mix - so bring them, share them with other people and play fun games with people you kind of know at the start who are friends by the end.


There’s a couple of rules. This could be a really long list that makes your eyes bleed.

It isn’t, but that’s because I think you can all be cool. Right?

Rule seven is the most important one.

  1. Join in. Play the game you’re playing, the one the rest of the table is also involved in - not the one you want to play. If you’re not having fun, you might be the asshole. Don’t be a Mike. Be a Hannah.

  2. We reserve the right to prohibit access to this event to anyone for any reason we see fit. We are specifically intolerant of intolerance. Any bullshit towards people because of their race, gender, sexuality, health… etc. etc. will be grounds for immediate removal from the session.

  3. This is currently a free thing. Questing Time has nothing to do with any money changing hands, but does consider it cool to tip your DM if you’ve had a good time during the session. If you book a game with a start time, be on time or let people know you’re late.

  4. Neither Questing Time, The Phoenix,Paul Foxcroft or anyone else present is responsible for your stuff. You bring your possessions at your own risk. That said, and we have no way of enforcing this, if you break something - you buy it.

  5. Last games start at 4.30pm. Every game ends at 5.30pm - We have a show to set up.

  6. Be respectful of other people in the space, some folk are playing games that require concentration. Be nice to the bar staff - they’re letting us use the space and they’re super cool.

  7. Don’t take the piss.

  8. Finally, the last rule is what is referred to as the McNeil doctrine by a number of people in comedy:

— Steve McNeil, Go8bit

That’s pretty much everything for now. We’re working out how we do this as we go - so any further thoughts would be super appreciated.


Here’s the link to the sign-up pages!

If you’re bringing board games along - let us know by tweeting @questingtime and we’ll RT.

Booking will be open again as soon as we’ve got the dates confirmed for the next Games Day - but if you’d like to run an RPG one shot at the next session, let us know with a short pitch and player numbers to with ‘pitch’ in the subject line.