Paul Foxcroft:

Dungeon Master

This show is Paul’s idea.

This show is also Paul’s fault.

Both of these statements are true.

Paul is a seasoned improv, sketch and stand-up comedian. He’s funny. Newspapers have said so, there’s no debating that.

He’s also been playing table top RPGs for over twenty years, from Vampire: The Masquerade to Legend Of The Five Rings (1st Edition) and obviously Dungeons & Dragons. A lot of Dungeons & Dragons.

Questing Time is a genuine attempt at bringing the joy of goofing around with dice at your dining table with your friends to the stage, so that a larger audience gets to feel the triumph of a critical hit, the tragedy of a natural 1 and the lunatic joy of watching a grown woman declare that her character ‘attacks the gazebo’.

This picture has clearly been doctored.

Briony Redman

Briony is a core cast member of Questing Time, having played in more shows than any other comedian. Somehow, she also knows the least about any of the game mechanics and processes, with a phenomenal ability to immediately forget what has occurred in any given session.

She’s a brilliant comedian, writer and improviser and you can find out more about her by clicking here.

She’s currently playing ‘Hannah Ball’, a goblin rogue and self appointed ‘mastermind’. She loves it when a plan comes together.

Richard Right.jpg

Richard Soames

Rich is the other core cast member of Questing Time, he holds the record for the most failed rolls on stage. His specialism is characters with very clear, very exploitable flaws.

Rich is an incredibly talented improviser, writer, comedian and is eternally locked in a ‘duel’ with Tom Neenan to discover who the nicest man in comedy is.

As duels go, it’s just two men repeatedly conceding to the other. It’s adorable.

Check out more of Rich’s stuff here.

He’s currently playing ‘Mike’, a human wizard who is both an asshole and a pyromaniac. Two traits that really work together.

MCD20 Left.jpg


MCD20 is a mystery. Nobody knows his true identity. He is only a rumour, wrapped up in a mystery, covered in a perplexing sauce.

Whoever he is, he’s the warm up guy for Questing Time, who typically gets the crowd going with a very accessible ‘Beastie Boys’ inspired rap bit.

One day we might find out more about this mysterious, unmasked stranger. But not today.