Just… You know… Dumb.

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‘Beautiful madness... A hit!’
— Theatre Weekly

What exactly is Questing Time?

Great question, friend.

Short answer? It’s a fun, dumb comedy show where one comedian runs a game of Dungeons & Dragons for a bunch of other comedians. It’s a goddamn hoot.

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What is Dungeons & Dragons?

How did you get here without… You know what, never mind. It’s a game where people pretend to be fantasy heroes; dwarven wizards, elven swashbucklers, screamingly naked barbarians - that sort of thing.

The game bit has one player describe a scene and the other players decide what they want their characters to do.

Here’s the actual D&D site. These folks are going to be better at explaining this…

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Where can I see the show?

We play in London on every second Sunday evening in the basement of The Phoenix and Paul’s taking the show up to the Edinburgh Festival this year.

The Edinburgh Fringe run is up at The Pleasance, where once more the call goes out to the funniest comedians at the fringe - we ask them if they have what it takes to be heroes - and then regardless of their answer, we make them play D&D.

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“Our audience wept with laughter...
I plan to go again as soon as possible”.
— Three Weeks



It's basically just pins right now, but we'll have more stuff soon!


The Phoenix

The show lives in the basement this great pub in the heart of Central London - right next to Oxford Circus tube station.