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What rules do you use for the show?

Questing Time uses a really good chunk of the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules.

What do I mean by that? It’s a show and a game, so there’s times when we gloss over some of the rules because it’s quicker, more interesting that way but most usually because at that moment it was funnier to do what we did.

Are there any house rules?

Yes. A lot. But they’re not necessarily obvious at the time of writing.

For example; for years, we have used lemons to track inspiration. So to use your inspiration, one ‘spends’ a lemon.

Technically you should declare the use of inspiration before the roll to add advantage/remove disadvantage, rather than using it as a re-roll mechanic. But this serves us better in the show.

ISn’t there something else to do with lemons?

Yes. Thanks to a great mistake made by Maddie Rice in an early show, you can spend your inspiration lemon to give your character their own lemon in game.

It is a terrible waste of a game mechanic and has been baffling and hilarious on the two occasions it has been deployed.

What’s the deal with [any given in-joke]?

I can never remember the origins, but the mechanisms are still clear to me. So we’ll keep playing the jokes while they work - even though the legend is lost to the ages.

Do you perform at Conventions?

We did Nine Worlds a little while ago - otherwise, not really. Yet.

We’re very up for doing more gigs out of town, so if you have a convention that needs idiots to roll dice - let us know by contacting us here.

Do you ever play anything other than D&D?

In the real world, yes. Paul’s a big fan of Legend Of The Five Rings, Paranoia, Pathfinder and is very excited for Keiron Gillen’s Die RPG.

But in the show? No. We’re D&D till we die!

For real though, it’s the most recognisable RPG of all time and it uses pretty much universal fantasy ideas. So it’s accessible to people who aren’t super into RPGs… at least not before they’ve watched the show. Right?

How is game day going to work?

I have no idea. Let’s find out.

I have fan art I want to send you!

Not a question!

But ping us an email with the goods!

I would like to join the cult of hootyfriend, do you have any literature?

Nothing official as yet. There are some lovely little fan made prayer books out there. I’m trying to play down the cult qualities of the show for the time being.